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Unnecessary Fees

When I transferred into a new university, I got almost all of my elective subjects credited, except for Philosophy. My new university was a Catholic one and their Philosophy subjects were offered into four different courses, my previous university offered it into one 3-unit course. But that wasn’t my mistake.

My previous course was Veterinary Medicine and because of this, I had already taken Zoology, Botany and Anatomy subjects. My new university required an NS 1 course which is basically Biology. I didn’t have a specific Biology course so I ended up enrolling in one.

My Biology professor happened to have previously worked in my old university. One time we had the chance to walk out of the classroom together and she interviewed me for a while because she knew that I was a transferee. When she found out that I was a Veterinary Medicine student, she asked me why I still enrolled in her subject. I told her that I didn’t take any Biology before and she told me that my Zoology and Anatomy subjects would have been credited had I went to the Biology division. I hadn’t thought about it and realized that that could have been possible. I wasn’t able to drop the subject any more because the adding and dropping period already passed. So, I just took the subject anyway and struggled, yet again, to study science.

The second time I did this mistake was when I took a Sociology subject in the same semester not realizing (again) that I already took it in my previous school. I didn’t know why I wasn’t aware that I already took the subject. Of course this mistake meant that my parents had to pay for additional tuition fee which could have been avoided had I only paid attention to my credits. I comforted myself with the thought that I loved my professors for those subjects and I enjoyed taking them even more in my new university.

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Posted on May 11th, 2015 by bluelotus


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