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Have you heard the saying’s “everything happens for a reason?” And did someone dearly say it to you? Then maybe like me, you lost someone so precious no one could ever replace it…
I got pregnant last year unexpectedly so I became stressed-out, but there came a time that I accepted it and even come to love the precious little life that is in my womb, and after 8 months I gave birth to a beautiful human being… I was so happy that I am a proud mom to a baby girl, my first born and promised to myself that I will love her forever… but after 3 days my angel lost her life without any apparent reason… even the doctors does not know why. I cried myself to death that time. I had think of so many reasons and even blame myself for it, maybe I did not did my best to protect her, to care and to nourished her while she was inside me, It’s my fault! I want my baby back… I cried every night wishing, praying that she is in good hands. Oh, how I’ve loved her so much in that short span of time. I still can’t believe and forgive myself until now that maybe I’m still not good enough to be a mother.
But luckily I have those person that who cared a lot and told me that everybody happens for a reason, maybe she had leaved now because she gave us (me and her father) a time to become responsible, a time to become stable, and a time to be free of all the insecurities on life so that I could become a great mother, she had gave us a chance. So that someday I can be able to give the best out of me.

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Posted on November 16th, 2013 by bonita


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