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Karma’s a bitch

Back in my high school days, I was really popular because of my pretty face and smart mouth. Unfortunately I was also an insecure bully. I was often scared that some other pretty girl would take my reign as queen bee in our school that I always made fun of those girls who had the potentials to beat me.
Now, I know how crazy I was back then. Jeez. So it went like that all throughout our high school years. I hurt a lot of girls by spreading false rumors (some true) about them. I knew how to hurt them by learning what their insecurities or weaknesses were. I was the bitch whom they all hated but loved to be.

The worst mistake I did often back then was when I told my some of my guy friends to make girls fall for them only to break their little hearts. God how evil I sounded.
When I started in college, I found the environment different and couldn’t care less if I was popular or not. I realized that what mattered was that I was happy and not insecure anymore.

One reason of my change was my then Mr. Perfect who made me realize I should be thankful for all that I have. He made me fall head over heels for him. I gave him my all but one day out of our 3 yr relationship, he told me he found somebody else better than me. It was a sudden flashback of all the mean things I did in high school. I knew it was Karma. What I didn’t realize until that moment was that karma can be a real bitch.

Now, I’m doing my best to be a sincerely good person. I pray to God for guidance and hope that I never hurt anybody as much I did in high school because now I know how a heart ache can feel like.

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Posted on November 17th, 2013 by dawn


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