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Sleep Vs Will

Summer vacation started. All trains were booked so I had to book a ticket in bus to meet my parents. I packed my bags, left hostel and headed to the bus station. I already had my dinner in the hostel so the moment I got into the bus I slept off. The entire night due to uneven roads I didn’t get proper sleep. My parents stay in a city. I got up at 2 AM and since then didn’t sleep. At around 4 AM the bus entered the city. From the entrance my home was an hour journey. We lived in the other end of the city. So from the entrance onwards I’m required to stay awake and alert so that I do not miss my stop. After 30 minutes or so I started getting sleepy. I was trying to control my sleep a lot. But my sleep won over my will. More 5 minutes and I would have got down at my stop but I slept off. All of a sudden I got up and saw that the bus has reached the last stop which was three stops next to mine. It was 5 AM still dark. Finally I called up my dad and reached home safe.

Lesson: Always have strong will power.

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Posted on May 27th, 2015 by Anonymous


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