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What If…?

When I was in first year high school I lived with my Aunt Vicky for the whole school year (my mother’s sister). I always cry because I have so many frustrations at that time and there is no one to comfort me so yes, I saw myself as weak. My aunt was always good to me but of course she can’t give her time much because she had 3 girls of her own too, they were so loved and nurtured they are all talented and because I lived in their house and need acceptance, I always surrender or loose every time we play. That time I developed my insecurities and ever since I always had my what if’s…
What if my real parents were not separated? Would it be better? What if I am in a private school just like my cousins? Would I be more talented?, What if I excel in class?, Is there be someone that will be proud of me?, what if me and my sister where together?, will we be much closer?, What if I was born within another family,? Would my life be different? Too many questions yet I can’t find any answers and then I realized that there is no one who could answer, but me…
So after that I pursue on being positive on everything that I do, I stopped asking questions about my past and focused on the things that I can do, I had persevered in school and focused on my future so that even though I can’t changed where I came from then I’ll see to it that I can changed what I will become. So what I did was I asked for assistance with my well-off relatives and promised to pay them when I had a job. And luckily I am now a registered nurse, happy and proud of myself.

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Posted on November 22nd, 2013 by bonita


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