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My brother the Gambler

It was our dad’s 60th birthday when my 26 year old brother asked me for a large sum of money telling me that he was going to get my dad a really nice present. Since I received my bonus for that month, I gave him the amount he wanted. Little did I know at that time that he was lying.

My boyfriend found him going into the casino that night after the birthday party. He followed him inside and saw how addicted my brother was to gambling. Because he cared, my boyfriend told me the truth and he helped me get my brother the right kind of help for such an addiction.

I’ll never forget the number of times he’s asked me for some cash. I never bothered to ask him and didn’t really give much thought if he was telling me the truth about what he’d do with the money. Now I want know that we should always try our best to know our family or even our friends. They might not know it but they are self destructing right under our noses and we could always do something to help them.

I was so thankful for my boyfriend for telling me the truth about my brother. Now I keep track of what he is doing since the doctor says he might go into relapse addiction. There are signs and symptoms for every kind of addiction on the net so better take a look for your self.

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Posted on November 27th, 2013 by dawn


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