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Inappropriate hugging

Studies confirm that hugging fosters a deeper bond in relationships. Hugging is beneficial for the soul and the heart. I am guilty of being a “hugger”. I love hugging people. When I was small, I enjoyed watching “Care Bears” all day long. I can say that I was the resident-care-bear when I was a student. Being an only child from a broken family, I did not receive many hugs when was growing up at home. That manifested when I was a student and carried over to my yuppie-working years.

I made the mistake of hugging someone I only knew for a short-while. I was guilty of inappropriate hugging in the work place. Rumors started to spread about us, that it was brought to the attention of my superiors. We were reprimanded and was asked to sign a document that said “inappropriate hugging” at work is prohibited. My boss explained the repercussions of our actions. She said “I know you are “just like this” and no one can blame you for “being yourself”, but one has to draw the line of adjusting behavior for proper work decorum.”

I managed to say, “I’m sorry, will not do it again.” While my guy best friend said, “She is not to blame, I always hugged her first.” Our manager managed to say “I see. But that is beside the point. We have to correct the behavior now to prevent further problems.” I managed a nod in agreement as we signed the memo. Those were the last of my office-hugging days.

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Posted on October 4th, 2013 by rainbowexpress2013


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