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Facial Expert

For my sister’s wedding I went to the beauty parlor and had face polishing to get shine and glow on my face for her wedding. I observed each and every process done by the stylist. A month after me and my friend were leaving for a friend’s wedding. Before leaving I told my friend about my experience and told her that I’m very well aware of the face polishing procedure and would do it for her. She readily agreed for it. She had slight acne on her cheeks which were not much visible. I started the procedure with cleansing, scrubbing, beetroot polishing and then followed by a face pack.

Once the entire procedure was over, she washed her face. Later when she looked into the mirror to have glimpse of the after effect she was horrified. The complexion got a bit lightened and looked freshen but her acne was now more visible. Though the feeling was good but needless to say the visibility of acne was a concern. I got a nice scolding for my pretention of being a professional with it. Later we covered the acne with makeup.

Lesson: Don’t act like a professional if you are not sure of what you are doing.

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Posted on June 25th, 2015 by Anonymous


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