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No To Travel Light

When I was a high school student, I joined a lot of educational trips. I was also a girl scout then and as girl scouts we were always thought and trained to travel light. One time I joined a three-day, two-night educational trip. I had been to a lot of school trips before that I considered myself an expert in packing. I only packed exact amount of clothes for the trip and a little extra money because all the expenses were already paid initially. My mom gave me my pocket money and an extra in case of emergencies.

During the trip, I spent most of my money buying foods and things to bring back home. I remembered buying a lot of vegetables because the city was known for harvesting fresh vegetables. At the last day of our trip, it was announced in the news that a storm was about to hit the place that we needed to cross to go home. Our teachers were anxious to arrive at the port early, hoping that we could make it before the storm hit the land.

We got stranded. The storm arrived earlier before us and all the boat trips to our hometown were cancelled. As if things were not bad enough, my friend and I realized that our luggage were put in the other van which was stranded somewhere else. The whole city was flooded and it was luck that the place we actually got stuck into was a school. We didn’t have any food, clothes and money; well at least I remembered I didn’t have money anymore. Perks of having a huge family bloodline was that we actually had a relative living in the vicinity (I was not aware) and so my mom asked them to pick me up and take me and my friend in. They gave us food, clothing and a room to sleep in. When the storm was over, it took us another day to get home because they were so many passengers stranded that the ferry boats cannot take us all, hence the hours and hours of waiting.

After that incident, I had this attitude of “screw travel light”. I always packed more than what is needed: an extra or two of everything, real emergency money, a small backpack with bathroom essentials and crackers. I never forget the crackers. Also, even though it would make me feel inconvenient during travelling, I never let my bag out of my sight and touch, ever. Never again. Oh and in case you were wondering, all my veggies were spoiled.

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Posted on December 5th, 2013 by bluelotus


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