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Don’t Waste Money on insignificant things

I like to save money. I always have. I’m pretty sure it started when I was young. My parents were not poor, but they were not wealthy. They gave me an allowance every week. I had to split it into thirds-one third went to tithe, one third went to savings and I could spend the last one third on whatever I wanted to. I remember buying candy and small trinkets with my left over allowance, but the candy was always gone by the next day and the dollar store trinkets were lost by the end of the week. My parents told me that if I save the allowance portion that I was allowed to spend, that I could buy nice toys and books in just a few weeks. So I began saving. I had nice books and nice toys that didn’t break easily. They were things that I had wanted to buy for weeks, so I never lost them. I think that lesson still applies today. I have a budget I follow. I “allow” myself money to indulge, either by going out to eat, or beauty products or clothing accessories. That little bit extra I give myself could be gone each month on new nail polishes I don’t need or cheap earrings that I will lose. And of course, sometimes I do. But I enjoy my beauty splurges so much more when I buy a certificate for a facial or my accessories allowance on a nice bracelet that won’t tarnish. You might spend money on fast food twice a week, but wouldn’t you rather go to nice restaurant be able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere once a week instead?

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Posted on December 6th, 2013 by grujack


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