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Work Hard for What You Aim

As a graduating student, it was my dream to get a job right after graduation. Of course, this plan could make me comfortable in the future. Everybody aimed to get one and this had become a competition between us. All of us got excited when it was announced during our graduation rite practice that Rainbow of Angels School, one of the prestigious schools in Butuan City was already accepting applicants from the graduating class. Since it was my very dream to get job right away, I was the first one to approach the teacher-in charge and I listed my name in the paper as one of the applicants. I knew that when I write my name in the list, a big preparation must be made. One of the important preparations I took into consideration first was the demonstration teaching. This covered the largest percent in the criteria of qualified applicants. So, I went home easily to start the big event. I desperately wanted the job so I shouldn’t make it a mess.
Right after every practice, I went home early to gather the things I’ll use in the demo teaching. Yet, I wasn’t finished with my lesson plan. Gosh! This was my problem. I couldn’t think systematically. I crammed and didn’t know what to do first. Because of this confusion, I called my boyfriend so I could ask suggestions and he could help me in the preparation. He accompanied me into an internet cafe to research good strategies in teaching elementary pupils. But because of plenty of temptations, I ended up opening social network sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc. the result was I haven’t get anything in the web. I thought that time that the schedule for demo was still next month and I still had plenty of time to prepare.
Since I still haven’t found a topic yet, I asked the help of my boyfriend’s younger sister who was also a teacher applicant but in other school. She gave me a topic and a finished lesson plan so I could use it right away since the demo teaching schedule was fast approaching. I was so happy and thankful to her that time. At first, when I read the flow of the lesson, I didn’t like the strategy. It would be too boring for the pupils. I knew in myself what were the plausible games and activities to be applied to make a lesson very lively. However, I just accepted what were written to make my work easier. All I did was just prepared the materials, rewrote the lesson plan, and bought other necessary things.
The materials were all ready but I was not yet ready. I need to familiarize the flow of the discussion so that I would be consistent to the lesson plan. I made a script and memorized it so that everything would be in order and well planned. I also prepared other things like my application letter, bio-data, certificates, transcript of records and many more. I was very early one early Monday morning to pass all my necessary documents to the school where I applied. At least, I had already finished half of the whole preparation. My last focus was the demonstration teaching. I smile before I left the place and immediately went back to my room to rest and relax after the exhausting preparation.

I still had two weeks to the said schedule. I was thinking that it is not wrong if I enjoy for a while and hang out with my friends. After all, I was done with the preparation and my only concern left was to memorize my script about the flow of the lesson. So, I called my friends and invited them to watch movie. After that, we went shopping and witnessed a battle of the band concert in the plaza. I really enjoyed that night, as if I do not have any problem, no worries, and no conflict, just fun! We went home very late. Normally, I woke up very late also the next morning. Because I was also drunk last night, I felt weak and slept again the whole afternoon. I wasted two days because of that ultimate hang out I made with my friends. I forgot that I had a big event to prepare and to be faced.
The day before the schedule, my boyfriend and I rode in a bus going to Butuan City. We decided to spend the night in his cousin’s house. I thought it was a good plan so that I could still prepare tonight. However, things didn’t go as what I expected. When we reached his cousin’s house, I was so disappointed. The place was located in a squatter area, and there were plenty of people in their house who could just easily come and go. They didn’t have any rooms where I can prepare my things and sleep privately. I was not underestimating their situation. What I felt was just a disappointment that I couldn’t memorize my script and prepare things. I couldn’t sleep that night.
The next morning, I was already at the venue very early. I was carrying a small bag where the visual aids, pictures and other materials were placed. I was the fourth applicant to present. I could hear the strong pounding of my heart because honestly I know in myself that I doubt if I could still make it. When it was my turn, I experienced a total black out. I couldn’t remember anymore all of the things I memorized and the flow of lesson. It took me few seconds to recover before I continued to present my demo teaching.
As expected, I was not hired. I was very disappointed and at the same time I was blaming myself for not being serious in my aim. I made a great mistake and it took my chance of getting a good job after graduation. If I aim for something, I must focus on it and be patient. I must refrain myself from many distractions and be prepared for a long time. Poor me, I was hired in a small school with a small salary. Well, I deserved it because I didn’t work hard for it. It was a bad mistake!

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Posted on December 8th, 2013 by girl_n_888


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