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Some people do deserve it, you know

I have a moderately high level of OCD. I am a perfectionist and have a high set of standards for myself and the people around me. These traits make me hate group works. I hate them because it is never a group work. There’s always that one person who’ll do 80% of the work, and most often than not, that person is me. I seldom complain though, because I love the challenge and the responsibility. However, I can’t help but feel like I’m being taken for granted. Not only that, I also feel that I’m not helping my group mates to do better but rather I encourage them to be parasites, depend on other people to do things for them and give them grades that they do not deserve. I know the problem is with me because I can’t bring myself to trust them that they can do a good job. I don’t even try to give them tasks to do or whenever I do, I make sure those are easy tasks.

One time, we have a case presentation for our Finance subject. One of our members volunteers to present the case. I try to take his place, until the last minute, constantly asking him if he is confident that he can do it. He tells me that he is nervous but that he can do it. He also tells me that he wants to do it as a compromise for our previous case in which he did not contribute anything. After a long battle with myself, I have decided to trust him and believe that he can do it. Before the presentation, I help him review the case and do a Q&A for the possible question that might be ask. In the end, our professor has commended us for the having the most prepared presenter among the groups.

I feel so relieved and proud of our group and of course our presenter. After all it isn’t so bad to take the risk and put your trust to other people. The lesson I learned from it is that the choice of trusting someone to do something is mine alone, what that person does with my trust depends upon him/her. After that, I have started to trust other people to do a good job, and if in case they don’t, I don’t complain and just try to help them get better or change the mistakes myself.

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Posted on December 12th, 2013 by bluelotus


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