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Patience Is A Virtue I Did Not Practice

Many people think that they know better but people who are young are often rude, reckless and impatient. They do not understand the words wait and patience. I never had patience in the past. I was often angry at many things for waiting wasn’t my kind of game. There came a time that I became insensitive, mainly because I did not care about other people’s time and only valued mine. I was selfish and was proud of it then but I am ashamed to even admit it now. Who knew that I would learn how to develop a patience to wait for as long as I can?

Many things irritate me. Many things tick me off and annoy me. Yes, I used to be a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. I was an accident waiting to happen. It was a good thing I never did. I learned how to develop patience because of the job that I got. I was an art student and everybody knows how creative, free and rebellious art students are. But instead of pursuing an art related job, I chose to teach. Teaching wasn’t my passion back then. It was more of a time to try something new. Who knew I would end up liking the industry and would stay in it for a long time eventually?

I learned to have patience because I had students who did not understand the things that I taught them. I thought at first that I should reprimand them or perhaps tell them off for not listening, not paying attention or not really focusing on me and the lesson but in the end, I just couldn’t. I thought if I did I would just scare them away. I tried my best to control my temper. I tried to understand more. I tried to give more than I should. I was trying my best to become the teacher that I wanted to have when I was younger. I have almost had an outburst here and there but somehow I have successfully defused my anger and have become at peace with myself.

I often regret the times that I have had outbursts. I would never forget the time when I had to shout at someone or get angry at someone just because they tested my patience. My temper gets the worse of me and now that I am a more responsible adult, I am changing. Although I haven’t been successfully reformed yet, I know that I am going to keep on going. I want to be the change that I want to see in this world. If there is one thing I learned from this previous mistake, it is the fact that nothing can be resolved or even solved if I continue having this kind of attitude. I do not want to be someone without patience for they say that good things come to those who wait.

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Posted on July 12th, 2015 by kittypaws


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