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Decide with your life

All my life many people had said to me. “Without us you will be no one, without us your nothing.” Then I ask myself… How far can I go if I let other people decide on that what will happen to my life? I stop and think for a while. Would I rather follow what they told me or would I follow my heart?
When I was little I followed every rules and order there is in the house that I lived in. It’s tiring because each of them has different values and beliefs, so in order for them to be pleased I did my best to do it. Every instruction, every little detail there is. Like what time should I be home, what time should I play, eat, sleep, pray and take a bath, what to clean and the time on watching television. No carefree time at all. That was me, a hardworking, obedient child. Already pressured because of what life has gave me. Then when my father decided to take us (me and my sister, I was in my sophomore) under his wing. I had thought that finally I will be able to relax and do what a child supposedly does… But then again I was wrong. My father a full time salesperson and my stepmom, a businesswoman, can’t handle all of what she is doing so I become an assistant to them. In the morning I clean all the freezers (we have 7) so that the ice will froze immediately, after school I take care of my step brother and sisters, and at night I am a cashier at our bar. I can’t say no because it’s our livelihood. I got so tired again… I don’t want to go to school anymore.( I did not go to school for 3 weeks), but I become bored I had the chance to think deeply, How could I live freely if I stop studying? I weigh my option and come to a decision that for me to be free, I need to sacrifice first, be disciplined, work and study hard. What the heck! I suffered a lot already so why not finish it once and for all. Because at the end I know that can have a life worth sacrificing for.

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Posted on October 5th, 2013 by bonita


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