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Always have car insurance

So you’ve paid car insurance monthly since you’ve started driving and haven’t gotten in a wreck or got a speeding ticket for years. The economy is awful and you’ve lost your job. Let’s say you were somewhat smart and made sure to have some money in savings for a rainy day. Well, it’s pouring now and you are trying to decide what areas of spending to cut back on. You have to pay rent and you have to eat. Thoughts might start popping up in your head that you don’t need car insurance right now—you’re a good driver. Does it sound like I’m writing from experience? So, you wait a few months, looking for a job, while living off your savings. Then the time comes where something has got to give. So you choose car insurance. Not a good idea. The second day without car insurance a car runs a red light and hits my car. Not good. Not good at all. Well after hospital bills and hours spent with the lawyer, I have decided not to ever go without car insurance again, ever. You may have gone years without one incident, but that incident will happen sometime, and that’s why insurance exists. So keep it and use it.

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Posted on December 13th, 2013 by grujack


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