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Breaking Up With Him Was A Bad Decision

You can never bring back the past. But if I will be given a chance I want to go back and settle the issue about my first love. I want to say sorry to my first boyfriend because I made a terrible mistake which made me very regretful of what I did to him. Hurting him was one of my unforgettable mistakes I made in life.
I started to fall in love when I was in my fourth year in high school. As first timer in boy-girl relationship, it was still awkward for me to be with my first boyfriend. His name was Noel. He was just my classmate. I knew him since the start of my high school years that is why I never had second thoughts to accept him as my first love. He was just a simple boy, thin and talented. What made me in love to him was his talent in playing guitar. He developed this talent when he was still young because he was part of their church musicians. Our love team started when I frequently joined in any intermission numbers in school programs by singing and he played the music of my song. Our similar interest and love of music made a good chemistry between us.
We usually recorded songs with me, as the singer and him as the guitarist. On the other side, he was also sweet and caring. He always asked my opinion in whatever decision he was about to take. One time, we attended a disco party. It was our first time to be in a disco house. So we danced and danced as if it was our last day. Before we went home, he kissed me. It was our first kiss! I was really stunned and at the same time I giggled in my mind. He was really sweet. He never forgot to bring flowers whenever he visited at home and he brought his guitar too. He knew I love to sing while he was playing it. It became our habit.
Things went well, until time came that we will no longer be together often. We graduated in high school and I needed to enroll myself in a university in a far city, very far from our place. He was so sad but he couldn’t do anything but to accept our long distance relationship. To cheer him up, I cleared to him that I will still be seeing him once a month every time I come home for a short vacation. It made him hopeful. He helped me packed my things and accompanied me to the bus terminal. After 30 minutes we bid goodbye to each other.
My life as a college student was never easy. I missed home and I missed the people I love the most. Especially during times that I was alone in my room, I remembered Noel. I remembered his hug, his love and everything in him. I wanted to overcome all of the sadness I felt so I tried my best to entertain myself by making friends and hanging out with them. I went out too often. At night, I was always facing my cell phone, texting with Noel and sometimes calling him to maintain our communication. Once a month I went back to our place for a short vacation and during weekends. These were the only times I could spend time with him. We went out for a date, we watch movies, and we sang songs with his guitar and many others. Our favorite trip was to eat barbecue to our favorite restaurant. After 2 days we just departed and I need to go back to school
One day, I was with my classmates when we met a group of boys in a small store along the street. They were friends of one of my classmates. She introduced them to us one by one. There was one boy in the corner who kept on looking at me. I was conscious at my look that time because maybe there was dirt on my face. Suddenly he approached me and took my hand. He told me I looked like one of the popular artists in the country. I didn’t believe him coz I knew he was just bluffing. We continued to walk back to our boarding house.
Three days later, somebody sent a text message to my phone. The number was not registered in my phonebook list. It was written there that he was Bench, the boy we met last time in a small store. At the start, I ignored his text. Yet, he continued to text until I replied to him. We became text mates, he send messages all the time. time came when he asked me if he could court me. I was so confused. In the other side of my mind, I could feel that I like him already but on the other side, I felt guilty to my boyfriend. My final decision made the whole situation complicated.
I accepted Bench as my boyfriend but I still didn’t tell Noel. When I got home, I was seeing Noel but my feelings towards him were already cold. He was still the same Noel I knew and as I looked at him I knew also that he really loved me. I realized that I have to put every thing in the right situation. But my decision was, I had to let go of Noel. I told him about my new relationship. He cried and asked second chance to me but I didn’t anymore accept him. I was so sad and guilty but I had to be honest. From that time on, I haven’t seen him for a long time.
However, breaking up with Noel was a great mistake. Three months later, Bench didn’t anymore show up to me and just disappeared like bubbles. I then heard from his friends that he was already with somebody else. I was hurt! I couldn’t help but cry and blamed myself for everything. I, then remembered Noel, how he cared for me, how he loved me. I still love him but I couldn’t anymore find him. The last news I heard about him was that he was in the capital city of the country which is very, very far from our place.

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Posted on December 13th, 2013 by girl_n_888


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