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Blind date

When I was around 23 I went on my first blind date with someone I met online. During that whole 2 or 3 months of non-continuous talking he mentioned sharing pictures, but I refused. I thought it would be more fun and exciting to have a good surprise (for both of us). It was a big surprise indeed, but not in a good way. When he walked up to greet me for the first time I froze and felt like my soul just ran the other way screaming for my life. The first thought came into my mind was “WOW, Frankenstein does exist” and I knew I would never forget this first blind date lol. I decided to be polite and go on the date because I was hoping his personalities would make up for his looks, but nope! I really should have shared pictures and find out more before going on that date!!!

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Posted on August 4th, 2011 by Cattleya

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Even if you had shared pictures people can fake who they are he probably would have copied and pasted a pic from a random site. The one thing about chatlines on the net a lot of people lie. I don’t lie to people I meet on those sites or I try not to. Chat soon read my story when you get a chance my story is very personal and I think people could learn from what happened to to me. My story is “He got what he wanted” Talk soon


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