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Follow the yellow bumpy road

I was going to visit my friend in Germany. We decided it would make sense if I went by bus, since Germany is not very far from Latvia. When I got on the bus, the seat next to mine was empty which was great, because I could occupy both of the seats. I spent the day on the bus reading a book, drinking juice and snacking on nuts when halfway through, in Poland, this heavyset lady took the seat next to mine. The night was setting in and I tried to find a comfortable position to rest which was difficult since the lady’s hip was exceeding the borders of her own seat and digging into mine. At this point I realized how unthoughtful it was of me to have drank so much juice earlier. I figured I could hold it in for another hour or so. Unfortunately the woman had fallen asleep by then and I had to wake her up in order to get to the restroom. I felt very bad because it looked like a real ordeal for her to move the bags and make the way for me and then again when I came back. 30 minutes after this episode she had to do it all over again. I really drank a lot of that juice… Another 30 minutes later I realized I have to go again and I was petrified by the prospect of tormenting the woman again. I waited for 10 minutes, but I knew I couldn’t wait till the morning, I woke her up. She looked more sad than irritated and as she stood up to let me through, the bus went over a bump, causing her to smash her forehead against the luggage rack. I avoided eye contact, acting as if I hadn’t seen it and moved as fast as I could. Still it was the longest 5 meter walk in my entire life for I was not only holding in the juice but also a massive, infantile urge to point my finger and laugh out loud. Haha!

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Posted on July 16th, 2015 by natela


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