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Last minute fail

When I was in sixth grade there was an assignment that I decided to put away to the last minute, but the day it was due, I didn’t even start it. When the teacher asked where it was, I told her I lost the file on my computer, and that I would try to find it. I went home, but didn’t try to find it or do, I just decided to take a zero. The next week when my teacher noticed that I still didnt have it, she called spoke to me and my dad, telling me that she would give me another chance, and that I should try to re-write it. Unfortunately, my dad made me re-write it, and I still got a failing grade for bringing it in so late. Now I try not to be a last minute worker.

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Posted on August 5th, 2011 by stranger

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Another stranger

You’re lucky that you only were made to re-write it 🙂 I would have 1) been forced to do it, 2) get sticks on my behind, 3) kneel for a couple hours to reflect and repent on why I wasted my precious time and didn’t study when others in some other countries don’t get to go to school because their family are poor, and 4) been forced to study a few hours extra.


Haelllujah! I needed this—you’re my savior.


Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem sloevd.


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