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Be Cautious!

The place where our school university was located frequently experience wet season. Days with sunny weather can only be counted. As one of the people staying in the place, I always prayed for a sunny weather so that I could enjoy going out with my friends. If wet season started, we would wait for several months again before dry season is experienced. Bringing umbrella, raincoat, and a little amount of penny to be paid to the tricycle driver for our fare were always the routine of every student. These were the usual situation in the place.
During dry season, it was our time to go out of our rooms and explore the beauty of the city. Sometimes we agreed to go to the beach or enjoy in the swimming pool. There were times that we just love to walk and shop in the warehouse. These were the only enjoyment of the students in the place. Most of us were from far places so we tried our best to find fun and find interesting things to do.
However, there are really times that there are uncertainties when we talk about weather. This is because we may experience good weather in the morning but later on we’ll be amazed that we are already experiencing the worst weather ever! Just like what happened to us in the school campus. I will never forget the scenario and at the same time I learned a lot from our experience.
We heard from the news that there will be a tropical cyclone approaching in our country. All people were advised to take necessary precautions in order to avoid loss of life and property. I was curious what category of tropical cyclone would it be. In my research, I found out that it was a tropical depression. In my thoughts, it was just weak and there’s nothing to worry about it. Our class was not suspended so all students still came like it’s a regular day. After classes, my classmates and I decided to eat lunch together in Besing’s Eatery. This was our favorite fast-food store because of its delicious foods and at the same time very near to our campus. The place also became our rendezvous in every activity we had. It was just located at the back part of the school campus, near the dormitories.
The sun shone brightly. We were on our way to the eatery and very excited to chat with each other. While we sat on the chair, we heard a loud thunder. As we looked at the sky, it looks cloudy already. It seems like it’s going to rain. Dark clouds came flashing in. we just ignore the surroundings. After all, we could stay there for a while if it’ll rain because we no longer had classes. But, strong wind suddenly broke our noise. It was so cold, and heavy rain started to pour down. I was afraid that time. I thought that it was already the cyclone our place was expecting. We stayed in one corner of the store so we wouldn’t get wet.
After several minutes and the heavy rain continued to pour down, I saw the level of water rising up. Gosh! There was no proper drainage in the place! The water was rushing in as if the place was a basin. When my classmate looked at the back area of the store, there was a river and its current started to flash! We were really trapped in a bad condition. Because all of us were terrified, we decided to leave the place. We need to find a way out there to save ourselves from danger. Good thing that one of the customers knew a short cut where we could pass and avoid the deep water. We had to put our trust on him so that we’ll come out safely.
We started to follow him and we could feel the cold water in our knee level. I really expected that it will still continue to rise if the rain will not slow down. We formed one line so that we could only walk on the safe side of the land. We found ourselves taking a very narrow path and were uncertain what we were stepping as the land was already covered with muddy water. As we reach the end point, we were very glad the area was no longer flooded. However there were plenty of small grasses and the area was so smelly. We had no choice but to continue walking unless we want to be drowned in the flood. We arrived at the main road safely. That time I was really teary because I thought I will be washed out in the flood. I was thankful we were safety!
Weather forecasts are very important and everyone must follow whatever the authority is informing. This must not be taken for granted because our life is the most important thing in the world and we must take care of this gift which is God-given. It is a big mistake when I ignore the weather and next time I must be ready all the time. It’s because weather is constantly changing.

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Posted on December 16th, 2013 by girl_n_888


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