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Read the Rules-or make your own-before you start to play a game

It was winter and winter daylight hours are so short, so parents came over to eat dinner and to play some games. My husband and I got the house all cleaned up and cooked appetizers, salads, the main meal and a couple of desserts. My parents arrived. We visited for a little bit and then ate all that food. We were all stuffed but decided to eat dessert anyway. You know how winter is-it’s so hard to say no to good food. My husband and I had placed some games on the table so that my parents could choose what they wanted to play. They chose Sequence, for those that have played, there’s not much to the game. It is pretty straightforward-make lines across the game board with your tokens. My parents won-like always. So the next game was chosen by my husband and me. We chose Canasta. Now, for those that have played Canasta, I’m sure you know, as we do now, there are many variations to the rules. I guess I should’ve started this story with the fact that my dad, my husband and I are very competitive. Now, my mom can lose at anything and she’s just happy to be socializing. Unfortunately I have my dad’s gene for competitiveness. Back to Canasta…We came to the point in the game when we were just trying to “go out.” My husband did, but my dad argued that what he did wasn’t in the rules. Well of course we didn’t have rules printed out, so my dad turned on the computer (this was before smart phones) and searched for Canasta rules. There were several. In some variations, my dad was right and in some variations, my husband was. After they argued for a bit, they decided this game didn’t count and they would make their own rules. The next game went a lot more smoothly. The moral of the story is—read the rules of the game before you play, or just decided between yourselves and make your own rules.

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Posted on December 18th, 2013 by grujack


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