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I was happy but frighten leaving high school. Everybody was certain what courses they’ll be taking except me. I wanted to take architecture but my father said no since my brother was taking it. So engineering became an alternative. I took it then. During the first semester, I thought I can get through my math classes, but sadly I almost failed in every quiz, test, etc. I became part of the list of bottom nine of the department. I was so stressed out and depressed. I rarely entered my classes. I realize the major wasn’t for me. I questioned myself, why did I not choose a major that primarily concerns writing. The next semester, I transferred school and took media courses. From then on, I began excelling in all my subjects. I was happy with my decision.

Lesson: Never be frightened or hesitant in following what your heart and mind feels.

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Posted on August 19th, 2015 by Louise18


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