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When we first got married, my husband and I lived in an apartment in the middle of town. The townhouse itself was nice, but it was very small. We had one bedroom, a small living room, a tiny bathroom and an efficiency kitchen. We were going to school and working part-time only supplied us with enough money for a small housing allowance. When the weather was nice, we were outside the majority of the day, either taking walks or playing in the backyard with our pug puppy. When it was rainy, but still warm, we would sit out on our deck to talk and listen to music. But when it got cold, we were stuck inside. There are only so many movies to watch and so many Nintendo games to play before you get what is known as cabin fever. Yes, we were a tad cramped in the winter time. Well, one Saturday we decided that we couldn’t take anymore of the small living space, but we didn’t have the budget to actually go anywhere that would cost money. We decided to make a fire pit so that we could be outside when it was cold but be by a fire to keep us warm (and since we could enjoy it all year-we decided it was worth the splurge.)We went to a home improvement store and bought a fire pit kit. It looked pretty self-explanatory, but I told my husband we should read the instructions first. Being a typical man, he thought he could put it together without the instructions. That was a bad idea. In the middle of putting it together, he didn’t have the any corner pieces left. He had made it too tall. And it was lopsided, because he hadn’t used enough sand at the base. And it was falling over because it was lopsided, because he hadn’t used enough sand at the base. Needless to say, it was disaster. He had spent hours on the project and it looked awful. I brought out the instructions to him as he was cursing his project and told him that maybe he should read the instructions. He did-and before we moved, the property manager hired him to build one for the neighbors. So, if you are attempted a project and instructions are available-read the instructions and save yourself a lot of time.

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Posted on December 22nd, 2013 by grujack


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