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A sad experience on train

The other day I was traveling by train. There was a guy sitting next to the window. I wanted that seat more than anything at that time. It was a hot day and anyone would want to grab the window seat. I thought of using the advantage as a young lady. Smiling at him, I asked him to leave the seat and take the next one.

To my surprise he refused my request. He said he needed that seat. I was struck. How could a guy refuse me! Swearing under my breath, I took the seat next to him.

The train was crossing station after station. The boy did not even rise from the seat once, not even for drinking water or anything. I was annoyed and curious. For the first time I started giving him some importance and noticed him. He was wearing a plain shirt, stubble and he had put a shawl on his lap. It was a warm day and only a head case would use a shawl in such weather, I thought. Is he a madman? I knew not.

The train reached its final destination. I grabbed my bag and stood up. I cast a neglectful look at him and asked, “Are you not getting off? Planning to make that seat your couch?” He smiled at me. He said, “I can’t get off by myself, someone has to come for me and carry me.” To my horror, I gave my full attention to his lap; there was nothing under that shawl.

The guy was a crippled person. Both of his legs were amputated. He gave a poor and fainted smile at me. He said, ”I lost both my legs in a train accident three years ago; I’m a medical student and went to pay a visit to my parents and now am returning. One of my classmates will come to receive me”.

Oh I could not meet his eyes anymore! IF only I could vanish right in front of him at that moment. I nodded and hurried towards the exit without mustering a single sound.

This incident has smashed my pomp and prejudices. How could I make such an assumption without knowing a person? It is necessary to understand the scenario before taking a side. How cruel I was! Now I do not mock or get irritated by people’s look or behavior. Nor that I let anyone close to me to mock random people.

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Posted on September 2nd, 2015 by Anonymous


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