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Don’t Be Too Rush

Technology nowadays becomes useful in all aspects of life. We can already access different places even if they are too far. We can already purchase several materials even without going out of your room. However, I made a mistake when I used technology when it is not applicable in my situation. Online shopping becomes very popular to most women, yet in my part I will never purchase something in an online shop especially if I am going to purchase a dress. I feel irritated whenever I remember the time when my order was delivered to me.
Right after I delivered my first child, my body had never returned to its usual curve. I became chubby and had excess fats in my belly. My clothes no longer fit me and I needed to buy new set of wardrobe. I began to shop in malls every time my salary was given and of course, fitting was very important. I was also satisfied with the styles of the dresses I bought and all of them fit me and I feel comfortable wearing them. These things are very important since there are women who are inspired and get their confidence from the dress they are wearing. One of them is me.
However, there were times that I feel so lazy going out to shop. Especially if I had lots of over time in the office and there were documents and files I needed to finish immediately. So I didn’t have time anymore to go out and spend time roaming in malls. Then online shopping was introduced to me that time. I have a very close friend who was an addict in online shopping. Every time I talked to her, she always uttered names of online shops she recently found. She helped me how to purchase things using my credit card in just one click of the computer mouse. I was amazed! I never thought it would be very easy to buy something in the internet. One day, after the order was made, it was delivered right away right at my door step. It was incredible. From that time on, I just click on my mouse whenever I needed something in the house.
It was almost Christmas and this is the time where several parties happen. Our boss gave the schedule of our Christmas party and the theme is “cocktail party”. While listening to the details of the program, I panicked when I remembered I do not have a dress yet! I knew all my co-workers were very meticulous of the style of dresses that’s why I felt sad on how to get a very nice dress for the party. I wanted to look good too even if I was chubby. While I was lying down in my bed, the thought of online shopping came across my mind. I asked myself “Why not I buy dress through online shopping?”, but I had second thoughts because I never tried to purchase a dress through online shopping. I was thinking if it was possible I could find a fit dress for me. Nonetheless, I continued to open my laptop and started browsing.
When I saw the shimmering dresses displayed in an online shop, I was astonished! I never imagined how beautiful the dresses online. I felt excited to browse more hoping I could find something which could really attract my attention. On the next page, I saw a very beautiful dress. It was a red cocktail dress with glitters on the neckline. It attracted me to the fullest! I clicked on the price of the dress. It was expensive. But when I remembered the approaching party, I immediately clicked on the large size of the dress as I thought the size fits me. Without second thoughts I entered my credit card number and my home address. I was excited expecting that the dress will be delivered on the second morning then in the afternoon will be the party. I could imagine that time the amazed faces of my co-workers when they’ll see me the most beautiful dress and very expensive too.
I heard the knock in my door early morning. The box of the dress was handed to me. I immediately opened the box so that I could try to fit it. But I suddenly shouted so loud! I cried when I couldn’t completely zip the dress in my body! What a horrible situation. When I looked at the address of the online shop where I purchased the dress, it was located on the northern part of our country which could be reached by four days using an ordinary car. I was disappointed! Really disappointed! If I will return the dress, the replacement couldn’t reach to me on time because the party will already start tonight. I ended up borrowing the dress of my aunt. I was so silent while I was at the party and I didn’t enjoy the night. It was a nightmare for me. I realized that next time I must be realistic! I should always consider the word “fit” every time I buy dress.

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Posted on December 25th, 2013 by girl_n_888


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