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One time I was send to the shop to do some shopping but on the way I found people standing in a group and I joined them to find out what was happening. It is when there I noticed that gambling was taking place. There were three cards written different names and the guy on stage would interchange them and ask a gambler to identify which contained a certain name. Upon identification the person would win the bet and if they fail they would lose. I found it very easy and I decided to give it a trial, and I bet the money I had been given for shopping. Believe it or not, I won and I got tempted to play again, this time with my cash and what I had won. I was unlucky and I lost everything, I cried and pleaded for a refund because the money did not belong to me but they turned a deaf ear to me. I went home without any shopping and I received a good beating and punished by going hungry for a night. I learnt that gambling is not good and if you are playing it be ready to lose as well and the chances for losing are higher than for winning because that is a business for the benefit of the owner.

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Posted on September 10th, 2011 by Anonymous


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