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Don’t waste food

I like to save money. I am on a budget and try to save money in every way possible. I hang my clothes on clothesline on warm days so I have to run the dryer. If there are just a few dirty dishes, I wash them by hand rather than run the dishwasher. Like I said, small things that would probably inconvenience most people, but saves me a few dollars here and there, so it’s worth it to me. Well, I had read an article that said to save money in the kitchen you should prepare big meals so that you would have leftovers to eat later, either for dinner the next evening or for lunch. It was supposed to detour you from going out to eat for dinner or buying fast food for lunch. So I scoured the internet for the best recipe to cook a large portion. I found one that looked great. It was a casserole that looked exactly like the epitome of comfort food. My husband is a meat and potatoes type of guy and I, being the good wife that I am, try to hide vegetables in his meals, without him really knowing. Green is very noticeable, so broccoli and spinach are out, but shredded carrots work awesome. They even look a little like shredded cheese. So I went to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients I needed and when I got home spread the ingredients and recipe all over the counter and began my cooking frenzy. I browned the meat, cut up the potatoes, measured the cheese, sautéed the onions, and shredded the carrots. I added it all together and let it cook for the recommended time. When my husband got home from work the casserole was on the table and it smelled great. He loved it-success. We had a nice dinner and chatted awhile. When I was cleaning up, he made the comment that there was a lot of food left over. I explained the article to him and explained how I was saving time & money. He kind of laughed and said ok. He told me he enjoyed it enough to take to lunch the next day. Then we had it for the dinner the next night. It didn’t taste as good as the first night, but there was still a whole dish of the casserole left. So I packed it for the lunch the next day. By the third night I never wanted to hear about that casserole again and gave the remaining casserole to my dog. Moral of the story? Don’t cook for eight when you only have two in your family-you will either make yourself sick of that particular food or you will end up wasting it and giving it to your dogs-or maybe both like I did.

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Posted on December 25th, 2013 by grujack


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