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Do not Be Overconfident

I was a consistent honor student since my preschool years. My parents were very proud of me. Every end of school year, they expected to come up on stage for several times since I received lots of awards. I always attained the highest rank in our classroom and I frequently joined in any school activities. I maintained my rank and never disappointed my parents and teachers. However, time came when my school status was put into test and i was not successful in conquering the challenges and embraced the temptations. As a human being, I was not perfect and I also commit mistakes even if I was the most intelligent.
When I was in Grade one, most of my classmates couldn’t believe I became the first honors in our class because I was a shy pupil and silent type. These should not always be the basis; exam results and activity outputs count the most and I got high grades in both aspects. When I entered Grade two, I was still the rank one pupil. This was the time I got the respect of my classmates. They considered me more superior than them as my teachers repeatedly assigned me as a “little teacher” in the classroom; assisting my classmates in reading syllables, alphabets and other activities. School based contests were also held monthly and I was chosen as the representative of our section.
More recognition was given to me as I started to take part of any programs in school by singing and dancing. I also tried to be a program host, too. I thought that time that I was at the peak of my career, though I was still a pupil. I could hear teachers praise me. every time they’ll plan for a program, they considered me to present an intermission number. However, life is not forever happy. There are times that we experience ups and downs. These phrases were applied to me when I was in Grade three.
There was a transferee pupil from other school far from our place. She was also in Grade Three and was placed in the other section next to us. I wondered why she was not placed in our section because I was excited to know her and make friends with her. Months passed and the second grading period result was released. I was still the first honors in the classroom and I heard from my school mates in the other classroom that the transferee was the first honors in their class. So she was also good. In other contests in school, I noticed that she also joined the other events. She excelled in their classroom and her teachers were also praising her. Yet, I just ignored her. In my thoughts, I was still to be considered superior because I was a seasoned pupil.
There were times I feel lazy in opening my books to read and study for our next days’ lessons. When I do my projects, I just made them simply or I didn’t even mind if it looked beautiful or not as long as I could pass. I, then, observed that my teacher-adviser always scold me that all my outputs were mediocre. What surprised me most was when she mentioned Vannilyn, the transferee and compared us! I heard from her that the new gal had a beautiful hand writing and very meticulous in her project outputs.
I got irritated every time my teachers compared me to Vannilyn. It was so unfair. i was discouraged and was not anymore following most of my teachers’ instructions. When my teacher announced the third grading result, I was still rank 1. I smiled in my mind and told myself I was still the best, that even if I will not study, I will still get the highest scores and get the highest rank. I had proved all of this for three years and nobody can beat me.
I was overconfident and too boastful. I didn’t study to prove that I was really the best of all. When the end year approached, all the first honor pupils in the grade level will compete for the over-all position. The first honors will receive gold medal, second is silver and third is bronze. There were four of us and were gathered in the principal’s office. I saw Vannilyn. She was a silent type girl and just so simple. While looking at her, I suddenly felt nervous. I didn’t know what the reason was but I just felt cold. The teacher-in-charge distributed the questionnaire. I took a deep breath and started to answer the questions.
Three days later, the grade level chairman was going to announce the result of the exam. I was so teary when I heard my name in the second slot. It was a slapped! I reflected back to myself if what I did a day before the exam. I was playing computer games and watching TV. What have I done? What will my parents say? In the end, I was expectedly reprimanded by my parents. I was too careless and overconfident. I haven’t forseen that my pride in school was at stake that time. What a big mistake!

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Posted on December 28th, 2013 by girl_n_888


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