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I am a person with different ideas and I love it but these ideas come to my mind all at the same time. If I decided to watch a movie later on I’d switch to another task then to another. As time pass by I neglect to finish one task to another. I like the idea of multi-tasking but I admit that I am not the right person for it. I remember that in high school, we had this major project in senior year and I decided to be the director then I ended up being an actress in the movie we were making as well as the script writer. Honestly, I had a hard time finishing what I was tasked to do. My classmates were so worried about me being so stressed. There was the time that I can’t sleep because another idea bugs me and I wasn’t able to sleep not unless I started a part of it. Fortunately, we completely the film. Others were satisfied to the outcome while the others weren’t. It was a mistake that I had taken almost all the responsibilities that I didn’t even give my classmates their chance to also contribute to the film.

Lesson: Try working in a team because through this you can learn different things from other people and division of tasks.

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Posted on September 28th, 2015 by Louise18


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