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ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE PERSON IN CHARGE, ALWAYS DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY TELL YOU, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY EXPECT YOU TO KNOW! Countless times have I not listened to the person in charge, and lucky for me, I’m young, so he or she doesn’t punish you as bad. But for older people, the punishment could be worse, it could cost you your job, or trust, or anything else. My mistakes include not confirming what material is needed for the project, not making sure my mom knows where I am, and not making sure my mother hears me when I tell her I can’t do something. If your boss is as strict as my mom, you are screwed if you don’t listen to this advice.

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Posted on October 17th, 2011 by peaches

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true da…nd lov this web


i enjoy this, very aesthetically appealing, and correct


It is universal truth. But time comes when you have to point out the mistake of your boss for greater welfare of the community.


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