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Be Conscious to your body

My family is composed of big family members. “Big” means chubby and fatty. But I couldn’t say they are obese because they haven’t reached that stage. When I was a kid, I was already predicted by many people that I’ll be chubby too like my sisters and mother. However, at the back of my mind, I don’t want to be like them. I will have a hard time in choosing dresses and other clothing and I couldn’t be loved by my crushes. Well, those were just my thoughts before. Back to reality, I face my reflection into the mirror. I see a rotund woman, with slight-bulged tummy. I am not pregnant of course. These are fats! What happened to my promise? It never happened. How did I get this? I ate a lot; junk foods, soft drinks, too much rice, fried foods, fast-foods, French fries, burger, etc. All of these are my favorite food. I was happy then, when I ate those foods but now, I want to shout coz of disappointment. It is really a mistake when I ate too much because in the end, I do not look good and many other consequences are faced by me.
I have a normal body size when I was still in elementary. But I had observed, even my parents too, that I ate a lot of rice every meal. I was a rice-eater and whatever was the viand, I always end up eating too much with a big bundle of rice on my plate. Well, there was no worry that time because I didn’t get fat. I continued to go on with my favorite hobby; to eat. As I entered high school, I still have normal body size. But compared to other girls, I didn’t have curves. While looking at them wearing sexy fit blouses, I was not jealous since I was just a simple girl. Besides, I was still slim but always hungry. Every snacks time, I usually have 2 to 3 kinds of foods on my table.
I noticed some changes in my body when I was already in college. There were already baby fats in my belly. Yet, my body size was still ok. I could still wear small-sized blouses and t-shirts. But if I’ll wear tight jeans, my fats became obvious. I started to become conscious. I was afraid I could no longer wear my new dresses and jeans. At the same time, my boyfriend will not like my rotund body figure. I was insane that time. However, my cravings for food didn’t change. I couldn’t control myself and couldn’t help to buy my favorite pizza and burger with matching French fries! Every night my classmates and I visited any barbecue house and ate dinner there. My foods were not healthy and I was eating too much of them.
As I started to have a job of my own, I was already fat. My small dresses were already given to my nieces since I could no longer use them. I needed to buy new clothes again but my budget was just limited. So I just bought little by little. My problem in buying dresses was I had the hard time fitting them because of my big body size. I could no longer avail pretty dresses that can enhance body curves or else I will be the best comedian in town. During school programs, I got jealous looking at my colleagues who were so sexy in their dresses because they were slim, while I was just at the corner, ashamed of my very simple attire. Nothings fit me so better but simple ones which can cover my extra curves. I almost cried and felt self-pity most of the time. Why couldn’t I control myself in eating these unhealthy foods?
My body got bigger and bigger each year. One time, my friend introduced to me a slimming juice. She had much testimony for the juice. So I easily bought two boxes so that my wish to get slim will have a possibility to come true. It was really try! After 3 months of taking the juice daily, my excess fats were burned. I could now fit small blouses! Yepeyy! I was so happy. But my colleagues noticed changes in my skin. It became dry and darker. I didn’t mind them; at least my dream came true. As I thought that I could now maintain my body, I stopped drinking the slimming juice. I told myself that I just have to control my cravings in food. for the first 2 weeks, I survived to avoid bad foods.
As days progressed, I observed that the one cup rice before was already doubled. I was not in my mind that I gradually started to buy again those oily foods. I ate a lot again and the dosage was doubled. i realized that day that if you cut abruptly the slimming product, the effect will be uncontrolled cravings and the lost fats will be accumulated again and is doubled. God, why can’t I stop eating? Why can’t I enjoy my life with sexy, healthy body? I haven’t experience having a boyfriend yet because nobody courted. Boys do not like fat ladies and they want their girl friends to look sexy and beautiful. I will never be qualified as a girl friend. This is a very big challenge for me. I now belong to my family. Eating too much was a mistake!

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Posted on January 3rd, 2014 by girl_n_888


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