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Don’t drink too much alcohol

When most people turn 21, they have huge parties and go out and drink way too much alcohol. Everyone knows that this isn’t the best idea. The risks associated with drinking too much are well documented. Of course, drinking too much alcohol impairs your cognitive ability. Alcohol also has many physical effects on your body. So, when you drink, you can’t think straight and more often than not, you feel really crummy the next day. So, why did people do it? Because it makes them feel good at the time. They can forget everything that’s on their mind-schoolwork, difficult bosses, relationship issues. And then comes morning where your head hurts, you’re nauseous and you may or may not remember everything that happened the night before. Does it seem like I’m speaking from experience? I am. I was no different than any other irresponsible newly twenty-one year old. My friends threw a huge party and rented a limp for me. We drove around to all the bars in the area and I had a blast, I think. I remember the early part of the evening but after, I don’t remember anything except waking up in my bed with the biggest headache. I learned a very important lesson that evening. Do not drink to excess. I would have had much more fun if I had just a few drinks instead of numerous amounts of shots. I also would have felt better than next day. Probably the most important issue, especially if you’re female, is if you don’t have friends nearby, you put your life at risk. You can be taken advantage of, or you can drink way too much and permanently damage your brain or worse, get alcohol poisoning and die. Moral of the story-have fun but keep the drinking in check.

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Posted on January 4th, 2014 by grujack


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