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Don’t drink and drive (& don’t let others)

It seems like many young kids have issues with drinking too much alcohol when they first move out. I should say when they first turn twenty-one, but most people drink alcohol before it’s legal for them to do so. There are many issues with drinking too much that everyone knows. Alcohol makes your brain thinks things are ok, even when maybe there are not. It can also make you sick as a dog. Well, I went to a party in college in with a group of friends. It was a fraternity house, and like most college campuses, the fraternity houses threw the “best” parties. I put the word “best” in quotes because looking back, the “best” parties in college were the ones that had the most people and most liquor. Now, in my later years, I realize that those weren’t supposed to be the best parties. But, at this particular party there were hundreds of people and tons and tons of alcohol. I drank a couple of drinks, but I didn’t know a lot of people there, so I kept my drinking in check and drank water after every drink. The music was pretty good and people were still there early into the morning, so I stayed there, talking to people and listening to the music. When the party was wrapping up, I was finally ready to go. I had come with my friends, so I didn’t drive, but the designated driver was drunk. I was probably the most sober of our group, but I definitely didn’t need to drive. There was a zero tolerance for alcohol in your system while you were driving. It was cold so we didn’t want to walk, so I called a cab. A few friends didn’t want to leave the car there on the road, so they decided they would drive home. Well, the taxi cab showed up and my friend crashed right into the side of the bright yellow vehicle with me in it. I hit my head on the seat in front of me, so I had to go to the hospital. The cops showed up and she had to pay for fines and a lawyer. It was a mess. Moral of story-everyone knows not to drink and drive-but , if at all possible, don’t let your friends do it either.

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Posted on January 6th, 2014 by grujack


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