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Dreaming is living

A month ago my life has no direction. I don’t even have a dream to focus on. I was so busy living my life that I forgot how to dream. I don’t know what happened to my dreams on to become successful, to be wealthy and healthy but to make a living my daily activities was to sleep, eat and go to work, literally. I don’t even have time to enjoy my wages because I need to pay bills, miscellaneous / expenses in my daily needs. And what happened was I got so stressed I’ve almost surrender on life. I had felt that my burdens would never end. And I had no cause to live. So the effect was all negative. I became lonely, bitter, I don’t like my work so I became lazy and unproductive until I decided to quit, I had felt that I am a failure to myself and to my family.
What I did was I rationalized and asked myself. “What’s happening with my life? “I even asked God to give me a clue on where to start again, I don’t know the answer at that time but then I saw a movie for the first time and I had known that time that He had given me my clue, an inspiration to dream again. One of the characters of the movie said “Dreaming is what made our life worth living,” “you’ve made it this far, and I’m sure there something in it for you if you wait for a little more. It had changed my perspective then. I regained my cause, and I started to dream again.

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Posted on October 8th, 2013 by bonita


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