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Life’s Second Chance

My life has learned so many things out of some mistakes I committed. Consequences are sometimes unexpected. Life is so sacred. If somebody loses it, you might not have second chances. But, I was so thankful that my prayers were heard and I was given second chances when I almost lost my life long time ago. My experience taught me several lessons and made me appreciate life more. Accidents may happen anytime that will put us in danger. So one of the lessons I learned is to be very careful and avoid things which can possibly harm me. There is no harm when we have to be cautious all the time because we do not want to risk our lives at it. My mistake was caused me harm but because of this, I learned a lot of lessons.
One of my sisters was in abroad to work. She was away for almost 10 years. One day, she called my mother that her vacation leave was approved by her employer. This means that she could go home, back to our country. All of us shouted for joy. We missed her a lot and at the same time, everyone was excited to receive their presents from my sister. I was excited too when she promised to give me a new cell phone. All of the family members came to the airport to meet my sister. When we came home, we gave her a simple celebration and prepared foods for us to share that day.
As the youngest sibling, I was the very first person to feel happy because I saw all my brothers and sisters gathered who already had families of their own. Some of them were already living in far town and just came to see our sister. While looking at them, an idea came across my mind. I immediately approached my mother and told her. She liked my idea and she also told all my siblings. All of them agreed! What was my idea? We will have a family outing in the beach! All were happy and excited. It was already a long time since we had outing and now was the chance to do it again. We scheduled it the next day.
I felt the cold breeze as I first step on the sand. The weather was fair and many people were enjoying the seawater. I ran towards the water and I felt the coldness. We came to the place early so that it was not yet too hot. My siblings placed our things in a big cottage. They brought several foods and some of them were still raw and my brothers planned to cook grilled fish and pork meat. Everyone in the cottage was still busy preparing for our food while the children were already out of the beach and started to swim with their nannies. I was excited too to swim. But I didn’t know how to swim. I was already a teenager that time but I couldn’t swim. My older sister had taught me so many times but I still couldn’t get it and still sink. That is why I just swam in shallow part of the sea.
On the other side of the beach, I saw a banca (a small fishing boat). I never tried to ride on it. but while I was looking at it, I was eager to experience it that moment. I asked my brother if he could ride with me in the banca so that I have somebody with me. but he refused because he was still busy preparing the grilled fishes. All of them were busy and nobody could go with me. without second thoughts, I went to the banca alone. I paid the fisherman for the rent and started to push it towards the shore. In my mind, I will not go to the deep part. I will just manage the banca to stay near the shore. At first I made it float and I really enjoyed it! I was very happy. I kept on pulling the saddle to make it move forward. I stayed afloat for several minutes. Suddenly, the seawater became disturbed and large waves came rushing on the shore. I couldn’t anymore control the movement of the banca. It was gradually pulled towards the deeper part. I was very afraid! I was nervous! I shouted so loud to ask help from them. However, I failed to call their attention because I was already too far. I cried and cried. I thought that time that I will die. I prayed to God that I could overcome this type of danger. Because of the big waves, I was thrown to the water. I didn’t know how to swim. I just close my eyes and prayed. I struggled into the water and kept on waving my hand every time I came out of the water. That was the last time I remembered and I was unconscious already.
I opened my eyes. I looked at the surroundings. I was lying on a bed, with dextrose tube in my arm. I saw my mother. She was happy when she saw me awake. I cried and asked them what happened. My brother saw me while I was waving my hands and was almost drowned. I was rescued but I was unconscious. So they immediately brought me to the hospital. I closed my eyes and was very thankful to God. This is already my second life. I was given second chance to do and complete whatever mission I have here on Earth. I took a deep breath and I heard my mother said we will have another celebration for another life given to me. In my mind, I said the celebration will never happen again in the beach.

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Posted on January 9th, 2014 by girl_n_888


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