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Better Never Late

Punctuality is one of the important values a person should have in order to be efficient in the entire endeavor he or she has to do. At work, this is also one of the stressed out quality an employee must possess to have a good service record and to receive incentives and bonuses from the company. However, it was not observed in my quality ever since I was a child. I didn’t know the value of punctuality until I committed a big mistake and my treasured career was almost put to risk. Good thing, I was punished because I realized my mistake and I have to apply it to my life so that I could have a good feedback from my work mates and bosses. I now firmly believe that time is gold.
Since I was still a child, I always woke up late. I didn’t feel any pressure because it was my mom who prepared everything for me before I go to school. My breakfast, uniform, school stuff, and lunch box were all fixed and readied. All I have to do is eat, take a bath, and walk to school. She even helped me dress up. She spoiled me a lot since I was the youngest child. These routine were practiced by me until I went to high school. The worse was I also passed my projects late. I always end up being scolded and my grades were deducted. I just ignored those punishments because I was not really after of big grades. As long as I pass all my subjects, then everything would be ok.
In college, i was a regular visitor in the guidance councilor’s office to get admission slip because I was a late comer in coming to school. I slept late all the time and the result was being late in waking up. In my stand, I greatly believed in the saying “better late than never”. My grades in college were not so good and some were almost failed. Still I was thankful coz’ I didn’t have any failing grades. However, I was still known by my teacher as a late comer. One of them told me that I will never have a bright future if I will not change. Those words slightly moved me. I was worried a bit.
The moment of truth has come when I looked for a job and was hired in a standard school in our province. All of us were trained first and we observed classes. I was a teacher and the profession would tell the people that I was a model citizen. The administrator of the school where I was hired reminded us how we must mold the future leaders and hope of the motherland, little children. In thoughts and in deeds, we must be a role model. I was nervous that time and felt guilty. I told myself I should change into an early bird before it’s too late. I tried so many preparations in order to be a good teacher to my pupils.
At the start, I was very early in school. I was around the classroom before the pupils arrived. I prepared my lessons and materials so that would be ready to use them in my activities. Everything went well. My pupils were so sweet and I was so fond of them. I loved them in my heart and I wanted to give them my best. However, I still didn’t totally change and my hard work was not enough to overcome the bad sad of me. Time came when I was already used of the routine in school and got bored in the classroom. From that time on, I started to come late coming to school. My pupils were already playing and messing up when I entered the classroom. I had plenty of works to do as they were piled up when I didn’t perform them the other day. I passed the requirements the day after the deadline. My employer had noticed my tardiness but she was just waiting for the right time that she will talk to me.
That time had really happened. I woke up very, very late. I raced immediately into the guard house and saw I was already 1 hour late. Oh no! I passed at the back part of the building so that nobody could see me. As I open the door to my classroom, I saw our principal/ employer standing next to one of my pupil. I was shocked looking at my pupil because he got a small cut or wound in his forehead. I asked the principal about what happened and she told me the pupils were playing and running around when he slipped and banged his head to the floor. I wanted to hide myself that time. I was ashamed and should be blamed of what happened. The principal told me to come with her in her office.
The principal was very disappointed with me. She thought I was one of the best applicants she hired. She explained that I will be responsible for whatever happens to my students inside the classroom. The role model had turned out to be a bad influence in the eyes of the children. I was teary and asked forgiveness to her. It was too late. As a punishment, I was suspended for 1 week. The parents complained to the school of what happened. it was so ashamed of me. When I thought being late will not affect my life, it was totally wrong! I faced the consequences but I could never erase anymore the impression of the people towards me. To avoid humiliation, I resigned to the school and stopped teaching for one year.

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Posted on January 12th, 2014 by girl_n_888


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