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Lashing Out

Have you ever said something to someone with the sole intentions of hurting them? I’m ashamed to admit that I have. In all honesty it wasn’t a one-time thing or a one person thing. However, there is one person who has been affected by it the most…my mother.

After losing my daughter I treated her like dirt. I was hurting and I’m not sure exactly what I was thinking (or maybe a lack of thinking was the problem) but I lashed out and tried to make everyone else hurt too. It was selfish and wrong. When it came to my mom I was the worst. Yet somehow she stood by me and supported me anyway.

The power of a mother’s love is a remarkable thing. When I was growing up I heard that saying and didn’t think much of it. Until becoming a mother I didn’t grasp just how strong of a bond there is between a mother and child.

A mother will take a bullet for her child. She also knows that sometimes you have to fight your own battles, yet when you need bandaged afterwards a mother is always there. When you least deserve love is when a mother’s love is at its best.

This was probably the most valuable lesson I learned. I have been the child and know that you don’t really appreciate or understand how much your mom loves you. We can be pretty ungrateful as children. Now I sit here as a mother rather than a child and I finally understand how my mom stood by me no matter how rotten I was. I also know to be patient when my children are the ungrateful ones.

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Posted on January 3rd, 2016 by Anonymous


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