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How I blew over $300 at Starbucks

Everyone has their preferences of getting throughout the day. Some have to have a bagel right across the street from their apartment in order to start the day; others may have to have a diet coke or candy in order to survive the trials and tribulations that go throughout the day. And if you’re like me, you’re kryptonite is coffee; Starbucks coffee that is. I mean I love Folders and don’t even get me started on Café Bustelo, but it’s just something about Starbucks that just makes the world seem better to me. And lucky for me we have one at our university that likes to stay open all hours of the night. So, you can imagine how it was the first week I arrived. You know how college have a meal plan and along with that meal plan are what we call “bonus bucks” which extra money that is used for spending outside of the cafeteria such as campus stores. Now, the first amount of bonus bucks I received was roughly around two hundred dollars and with those two hundred dollars, I spent going to Starbucks every night in which I demolished in one month. And seeing that I had a couple more months to go before the next break, I would need more money in order to survive so I ordered a little over 200 more bonus bucks thinking that I would pace myself with these. With tests and exams popping up like mole rats, there became more and more of a need for caffeine. But, again, I saw myself falling into the same trap so I decided to limit my amounts to when I was worthy: meaning every time I received a good grade in order to reward myself, I would buy Starbucks. That planned failed as well. I felt without the coffee I wasn’t able to retain all of the information I would receive in my classes in turn failing a lot of exams. And, to bring myself up again, I would allow myself a cup of coffee, and another, and another until I was out of bonus bucks again. If only it would’ve stopped there. A few weeks rolled around and I would receive money from my mother and you can imagine where that went to. And then my roommate thought it would be a good idea, for a Christmas gifts no less, to get me a Starbucks card in which I spent that as well. In total, I spent $397.82 on Starbucks coffee and each time I looked at the number I imagined all the other things that could’ve been used with that money instead like paying off loans or buying necessary items I needed for my Theatre major. But, of course, it was too late then and it’s still too late now. The only good thing that I can possibly get out of this is that because I wasted so much money this year, it could possibly keep me from making the same mistake next year.

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Posted on January 17th, 2016 by Jimi19


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