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Change is often for the best

I used to be a nocturnal. My mom often scolded me for sleeping the whole day and staying up until wee hours of the morning doing, well, anything. I always told her that I can do so much more tasks during those hours rather than during the day. Am quite sure I’m not the only one with this argument, right? Anyhow, my mom was very strict about how I took care of myself and sleeping late at night was a huge no-no for her.

Of course I couldn’t help it. I was a college student and being a nocturnal was kind of part of the whole thing. I doubted I could pass any subject at all without sacrificing those eight hours of sleep. The thing was, whenever I turned myself into an owl ever night, the following morning my feeling was always heavy; like I needed to force and drag myself out of bed and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I was also noticeably stressed and unhappy.

When I transferred school, I started living with my auntie. A lot of my habits had changed: bedtime was one of them. I started sleeping before midnight everyday, usually at 9PM. I didn’t have any significant reason; I just had nothing to do so I thought it was best to sleep. Later on I realized that since I started sleeping early at night, in the morning I feel more…alive. My eyes opened up at my alarm (amazing, I know) and I didn’t need to force myself up and off my bed. Plus, I was more functional. When I was a nocturnal, 80% of my time awake was used in browsing the internet: non-value added time. During the day, I got to interact with more people and my body felt more active. I also felt happier and lighter.

So now, no matter how many tasks were in my to-do list, I made sure that I try to sleep at least six to eight hours everyday (oversleeping gave me the same feeling as being a late sleeper). My mom was right, well, she always is. Mothers know best after all.

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Posted on January 17th, 2014 by bluelotus


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