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Sibling prank turned bad

Every one has sibling rivalry in childhood and teen age. Well I and my sister took it to a step further when we were kids. This happened ten years ago when I was ten. My sister was two years elder than me, and we never got tired of picking on each other. But it all ended with a drastic event neither my sister nor I can ever forget.

One fine evening my sister had some friends over to the house. They were goofing, having a laugh and my sister stood up for getting some snacks. I was waiting for that moment for a long time. I walked up behind her and pulled her skirt down so all her friends saw her in her panties. There were guys among her friends as well!! She went running to Mommy and started crying. Mom was furious!! She marched to the drawing room and grabbed me by the ear. She was so mad at me she took me upstairs and started screeching at me while shaking me by the hand as if I was some soda can. She grounded me for a month. I thought it was worth it. With all bad karma, comes a bad punishment. But I was wrong, so wrong.

Later that week, I was in my room doing some homework stuff and my mom walked in. She said it was time for my punishment for embarrassing my elder sister. She said she could not be any more disappointed with me than this. Adding to that, she said that as my sister’s friends had seen her in her underwear, it was only fair and best punishment for me if they saw me in a panties too. I was literally begging her not to do this to me. But my mom was a man of his words. I mean a woman of her words!!!

So mother made me to go down stairs half naked, wearing nothing but a turquoise panties. It was not only my sister’s friends who were waiting for me, but some of my friends were there too. There stood I, the clown in red panties, for a good fifteen minutes, everybody was laughing at me. I could imagine how bad it must have been for my sister. I was sorry for her and ashamed of myself. Tears ran down of my cheeks and I apologized to my sister. Mommy felt pity for me and sent me upstairs.

That was a lesson that did not come in a little price. Never again, did I or my sister dare to practice pranks on each other.

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Posted on March 10th, 2016 by Anonymous


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