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I’m a bookworm. I basically read anything with words in it. Mostly I read fiction; it’s what constantly makes me fall in love with books. Before I introduced myself to e-books, I used to insist on buying paperbacks, sometimes hardbound books. It’s simply because I love the smell of books, old and new. Plus, I find that stories are more convenient to read in actual paper rather than in gadget screens.

A problem with buying paperbacks though, is that sometimes there is no summary. This often is the case with hardbound books. Sometimes the summary would appear too short to waken up my interest or long enough to interests me but would turn out that the summary is actually better than the whole story.

I’ve come across a certain book, a fiction, which has a very convincing summary that made me buy it. The first few chapters were fine, but as I read on, the story started to get really boring and I just forced myself to finish the book to somehow make it worth my money. The book was actually a series but I didn’t buy nor read any of the series anymore.

This experience has made me turn to e-books. They’re more convenient to read in the sense that you could read them anywhere, anytime, in any kind of lighting. Also, there are free e-books which you could easily download and dispose if you don’t find the story to your liking. E-books are also cheaper than paperbacks. So there, most of the books I read now are e-books but sometimes I intentionally buy paperbacks for classic novels and those that too long, like The Game of Thrones. I also buy some books even though I’ve already read them in e-books like Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and Harry Potter.

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Posted on January 20th, 2014 by bluelotus


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