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Kids are brutally honest

My three year old nephew was annoying my sister. She requested me to take care of him as she was busy preparing her project. I had already decided to buy monthly groceries that day, so I had no choice but to take him out with me. I went to the grocery store, my nephew was happy to hold one side of the shopping cart. I bought him a lollipop which he was licking merrily.

He was mumbling and I was having a cute quality time with the little man alongside shopping.

We were in the checkout line when he tugged on my shirt and had an awful look on his face.

I asked him what happened and he very loudly said, “Nanna, the lady in front of us farted, she stinks”
Everyone around us heard and I wanted to die!!!

I could not come up with a story that could save me from that awww look in everyone’s’ eyes.. So I just apologized to everyone and then had to pretend that I left my wallet at home so we could just get out of there !!!!

Returning home, I told my mother and my sister what had happened earlier. They made a good laugh out of the incident. But I did not find it funny at that time. It was horrible, that awkward look in everybody’s eyes.

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Posted on May 31st, 2016 by Anonymous


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