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Poor Kitten

I admit I was a really bad kid. My brother has this little kitten given by his girlfriend in high school. I loved the cute kitten. I always play with it. My older sister told me not to let the kitten poop inside the house. But that afternoon, the kitten did. It was so gross and it smells so bad that I got mad with the kitten. I grabbed it and threw it outside the house but it kept returning. I threw him again, literally, like it was some ball. Maybe I threw him hard that it stood slowly and weakly. I felt pain in my heart but I still have to clean his poop so I shut the door close so that the kitten can’t get in. I never saw that kitten again. Today, I have a couple of dogs and I take care of them really hard because I feel really bad about what I did with the cat. Maybe I’m hoping that taking care of my present pets would make me forgive myself. I learned that no matter how angry you are, never touch a living thing. You can throw things, but don’t throw your pets or anyone. Of course, the cat wouldn’t have understood if I told him to poop outside because he was just a cat. Seeing the news about animal abuse, it kills me inside thinking that I was once an abuser. Until now, I still regret about what happened to that kitten.

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Posted on June 15th, 2016 by Anonymous


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