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Don’t procrastinate

I used to wait until the last minute to do something that needed to be done: whether it was a report, the laundry, or mowing the yard. It is always so much harder to accomplish a task whenever you feel rushed, and it hardly ever turns into something you are extremely proud of. The report is never as thorough when you don’t dedicate the hours to it that you should. It’s much hard to do six loads of laundry as opposed to one. And when the grass gets too tall, well, it is almost impossible to mow the yard. Something that would have taken you three hours to do now doubles and takes six hours. It felt good at the time, but when it came to the moment that the project needed to be done, it felt awful. I finally learned my lesson in my mid-twenties that I should have learned in middle school. This lesson, unlike many other lessons from life, wasn’t learned the hard way. One Saturday my friends asked me to go to see a movie I really wanted to go see. As I was on the phone, I glanced around my house and saw the piles of dishes, the piles of laundry. I glanced out my window and noticed the empty birdfeeders and tall, tall grass. My first thought was, “I can get all of that done tomorrow. Why do today, what I can put off tomorrow?” And as I was asking my friend what time the movie started, I made the decision to stay home and be productive. I knew that I really couldn’t enjoy myself at the movies when I knew I had so much stuff to do when I got home. I went outside and got the birdfeeders, washed them and filled the back up. I got some sweet tea, hopped on my mower and mowed the entire yard. I was finished by two in the afternoon. I did all my laundry and dishes, and swept and mopped the whole house. Man, I felt great and it was only eight in the evening on a Saturday. That meant that I had the rest of the night and the whole day Sunday to do whatever I felt like, without the nagging thoughts of the things I had to do running around in the back of my mind. It was the best feeling ever to wake up on Sunday and know that I had all the housework done and all of the yard work done. Since that Saturday, I have tried to do something productive each day when I get home from work. Even if it’s something that I will only spend twenty minutes on, it’s worth it so I don’t have to think about it later.

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Posted on January 20th, 2014 by grujack


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