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Plan your meals

People are always saying how busy they are and they have time to do this or that. I have found one thing that actually helps me save time and money is planning out the meals for a week in advanced. Now some people like to plan for more than a week. I have found that planning for more than the week doesn’t work out for me, but it meant work perfect for you. I used to just buy groceries when I felt like it and picked up the same things I always bought. Well, it seemed like I always bought a lot of snack food, but only enough ingredients for a few actual-sit down to eat-meals. And then I would have to go to the store again, when I just went two days before. I read an article in a magazine that said you should sit down and should plan meals weekly. So I sat down at my table and made a weekly menu. I wrote down all of the ingredients that I would need for every meal and then I went to the grocery store. The total amount that I spent was a lot more than I was used to, but by Thursday we still had all the groceries that we needed and I didn’t have to make anymore grocery trips the rest of the week. Weekly menu planning saved a lot of time, not just from less grocery shopping trips but it saved time everyday because I didn’t have to stop and try to plan every meal. I already had my menu and ingredients. Not only did weekly menu planning save me time, but it saved me a lot of money. Every additional grocery shopping trip I would take I would buy stuff that I didn’t really need, and because I had meals planned, we ate out at restaurants a lot less.

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Posted on January 20th, 2014 by grujack


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