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Mistake In A Small Business

I was a working student when I was in college. In order to compensate my basic needs and school allowances, I entered any kind of job; student-assistant, library aid, tutor, project-maker and many more. My parents were already old and my brothers and sister got married early. Nobody could support me financially that is why I initiated to find means so that I could finish my studies and could get a job in the future. I promised to myself I will not follow the steps of my siblings so that I could also give justice to the hardship of my parents. I learned to save money and lived simply and contented with what I have. Sometimes, my friends shared some of their stuff to me for free as their means of helping my situation.
Thanks God, one of my sisters was hired abroad and earned enough income to give financial support for our family. She was generous that she even paid my tuition fees and gave me enough allowance. In addition, she gave me a little capital money to start a small business for myself to have little income and to enjoy myself as a student. At first, I couldn’t think of any business to start with only limited capital money. I searched in the net and most of the results were too expensive. But because of my friends, they give me suggestions and advise on what business to start.
I enjoyed my choice. I sold electronic load for cellular networks. Of all the business I listed, it was the easiest and in demand product based on the modern world. Everyone in the school had cell phones so it was expected that I could gain a lot out from it. I liked how a received coins everyday and just press my cell phone the amount they’ll buy. It was a business where I can go everywhere I want and I could send e-load to my customers wherever they are. I started to experience hang outs with my friends and went to places where I could enjoy and spend night life. I used the profit I earned from e-load business. There were times that paid the whole trip for my friends and enjoyed the whole day shopping clothes.
I kept on doing the same thing and even doubled my expenses. One day, i remembered that there was no more e-load left in my phone so I immediately went to the loading station to reload. When I opened my wallet, I saw that there was no enough money to pay my bills. I was wondering where the money was so I stopped the sales lady who was about to download the amount I ordered. I just promised her to come back. I needed to check if I still have money left in my other wallet. When I reached my room, I looked for my second wallet I still I found empty pockets. I was surprised. I sat down and kept on thinking where I placed them money. I had no more extra money to repay for the earnings; even the capital money was lost. I was so nervous.
In the end, I remembered that I used the money when we had beach outing with my friends in a far town. I consumed it because the bill I paid was too big so I was tempted to pick the money in the wrong wallet. I forgot to replace the money I used. Now all were gone. I didn’t have available money left to start the business again. I was afraid that time to tell my sister about what happened. Because of this, I looked for a solution just to cover my mistakes. I borrowed money from my classmate and reload my phone to start again. However, after several months it was a failure. The worst was that I haven’t earned back the capital and I haven’t paid yet the borrowed money from my classmate. It seemed that the sky was about to fall on me. everything failed and I didn’t have any other option but to stop and tell my sister the truth.
My sister was too disappointed on me. I was really ashamed of what I have done. The money she gave me was from her hardship and I just spend them all in nonsense stuff. I asked for forgiveness and promised not to do it again. However, I was never given a chance again. She didn’t anymore give me extra money. She just paid my tuition for the whole semester but I was not given big amount of allowance. In order to learn the value of money, she told me to find ways to earn money for my allowance and other fees. I regret all the wrong doings I made. By just a snap of a finger, everything was gone like magic. By just a single mistake, everything in me was affected.
Business is a very crucial endeavor. It needs careful handling and proper ways of managing. My great mistake was I didn’t have the proper ways of managing the profit I earned and lavishly spend all without second thoughts. There could have been other ways where I could enjoy my profit but I failed to find it out. Next time, I will be more responsible and organized to whatever business I will start in the future.

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Posted on January 21st, 2014 by girl_n_888


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