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Freedom of Speech Entails Responsibility

Even when I was little, I was always a fan of TV reporters and journalists. I appreciate their courage and honesty to report and express their feelings in a certain situation. One of my favorite hobbies is to write articles and short stories. Because of these, I dreamed to join in journalism club in our school. In my high school years, I kept on practicing how to write properly, following the rules of journalism. As a result, my hard work was paid. I passed the screening conducted by the club and accepted as one of the writers in the school paper club. It was dream come true for me! From that time on, I promised to myself that I will always do my best to be an asset in the paper club and provide only quality articles for the readers. I must see to it that everything will be fine so that they will like my work and be trained more to be the best journalist in school.
I became so close to the club staff and writers. They helped me learned and be adjusted to the routine and processes in writing. I needed to conform their ways to that I will not be out of place. Good thing, I immediately learned them all and was already trusted in the office. Months passed and I continued to be a loyal writer in the school. I started to join in inter-school contests like Division Schools Press Conference where I competed with several writers from different school in our place. At the beginning, I was nervous and couldn’t think properly, but after few minutes I was already half finished. it was just a matter of adjustment. Fortunately, my article was declared as first place in feature writing contest. My colleagues and paper adviser congratulated me and they were amused I won even though it was my first time to win.
From then on, I was qualified to join the Regional Schools Press Conference until to the National Schools Press Conference as the representative-contestant of our province. Everyone was proud of me, the principal, my teachers, school mates and most especially my parents. Every year, I contended to writing contests and I write pieces not only of feature writing but also others like sports writing and editorial writing. The school trusted me to join in different kinds of writing contests and I end up being the first place winner. However, there were also time I got second, third or fourth place. I was really thankful for my achievement because it boosted my confidence and improve my talent and skill in writing. I also learned to be a fighter.
However, there were situations that could also bring a person to a test. I was one of the victims of this kind of test. I was at the peak of my good reputation in school and suddenly it turned into a mess by just a single mistake. Our school publication was divided into two groups; first group were the English writers and the second group were the Filipino writers (using the local language of our country). I belonged to the first group. Each group had different teacher-adviser. I didn’t know that there were clashes of ideology and jealousy between the two groups. There were times that I heard gossips that the second group members were talking against us. I just didn’t mind them all until I heard that they were already attacking me. I was hurt by their words. They were jealous of my achievement and now they were talking bad against me to ruin my reputation. Because of what happened I did something which put me into a worse situation.

In school, students received articles. These articles were also posted all over the school campus. It contained a discussion about jealousy pointing the Filipino writers to be jealous and insecure. It was my idea and my other colleagues helped me due to their anger too as one of the victims of their gossip. Everyone in the campus was given the article and they read the content. It reached to all teachers and even to the principal. Because of this black propaganda, I was called by my teachers. They explained that what I did was not a good thing and it has certain punishment for me. I was surprised. It must never be like that because it was my right to express my feelings. I talked back and explained to the teachers the reason for all of these. They understood me but whatever it is, I still have to face the consequences.
I was suspended for 1 week and I wrote a letter of forgiveness to all members of the second group. I didn’t like the outcome of my hard work. It made me angrier at them. It made me a loser. I regret the idea of printing that propaganda. If only I kept calm and find a better solution, I should still have a good reputation. I must always be responsible for my action as I was considered as a role model in school.

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Posted on January 24th, 2014 by girl_n_888


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