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Grab it and Take it

I’m a girl who isn’t much into shopping. However, the word SALE never fails to wake up the shopaholic hiding inside of me.

I go to the mall once and I’m not aware that they are having a 3-day sale. I immediately notice the huddle of women at the center of the mall and find so many bags on display. I go to the mall that day with the intention of spending some ‘me’ time and watch a movie alone.

I plan to watch a local movie then, but when I go to buy the ticket, Gravity and Carrie are also showing. I hesitate to buy any ticket because I became unsure of what to watch so I decided to spend some time thinking and go entertain myself first in the bags on the ground floor.

I saw a shoulder bag that was on a 50% sale, because I haven’t had a new bag in a long time, I consider buying. But being the stingy person that I am, I decided against it. I first think that there could be other prettier bags on display that I haven’t checked on yet. Second, I seriously consider the opportunity cost of buying a new bag or watching a movie. Spending for both wasn’t an option because that’d be too expensive. Again, stingy person. I continue to rummage in the collection until I found again a coral blue shoulder bag. I’m somehow decided to get it but there was another bag on the other stock that I also wanted. I put down the coral blue bag for a while to look at that of the other bag on the other side of the stock. The moment I put down the bag, much to my horror, someone instantly grab it and went straight to the cashier.

My jaw literally dropped. My eyes followed the woman sending curses to her through my mind. Perhaps the curses worked because a moment after she came back with the bag in hand and put it back in the stock. Turns out she only showed it to her friend who is in the cashier line.

I buy the bag, the moment I had it on my hands again. The funny thing was when I was about to pay, the cashier was only accepting debit cards, so I had to go the ATM machine and withdraw. Afraid that the incident might happen again, I asked the sales lady to hold the bag for me for a while until I get back. So there, in the end I bought the back. It was a lot more expensive than watching a movie and the other bag that I saw but whatever. It’s on sale.

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Posted on January 25th, 2014 by bluelotus


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