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Talking to people

I grew close to the people I worked with. I told my team everything, even my opinion of certain issues and the people we worked with. One day, my superior called me to his room, handed me the evaluation he made of my work performance. He pointed out how I had not issued the memos I should have. I defended my people, believing they valued my leadership. He handed me a piece of paper which showed a petition. The people I had trusted, and had given second chances, wanted someone else to lead them.

I could have resigned then and there. But being the person I was then, I instead said to myself “giving up is not an option”. I signed the evaluation without defending myself further. I walked out of the office with a forced-smile on my face, and refused to be defeated by my detractors. I vowed to give it till the end of the month, and I resolved to try winning their favor. I was so wrong.

My boss, I later on found out, thought I was a threat to his leadership. Everyone thought I wanted his job, but in reality I did not. My team’s performance: from rock bottom rose to #2. I vowed to give it more time, and thought my resilience and perseverance at work would turn around popular opinion. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life, not giving up when I should have.

Despite our team high performance, I was laid off from work. My boss gave me a failing score on my evaluation. It was unfair but I had no choice. I should have taken the chance to walk away without being terminated. I signed my papers and packed my things. The day ended, I had no choice but to leave. I was betrayed by the people I had worked so hard keep. In saving their jobs, I lost mine in the process.

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Posted on October 11th, 2013 by rainbowexpress2013


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