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Centaurs and Demigods

I only joined one pageant in my life. It was an annual beauty contest in our college and representatives from the different organizations compete. That was during my first year of being a member, and my organization has voted that I be the representative. I would’ve turned it down and begged them not to let me join but it was college and they didn’t take no for an answer anyway.

So, despite my nervousness, I went with the flow. My organization mates dealt with everything I needed from costumes and shoes to make-up. I remembered freaking out one time because my sister in the organization who was doing my hair put a lot of hair spray on. I hated putting anything on in my hair as much as possible.

Luckily I had a friend who often joined pageants and I asked her to teach me how to walk. We spend nights practicing walking in heels, even that turning thing contestants do in pageants (it’s very difficult). Somehow I felt a little confident that I could nail this because I though I’m well prepared. Well, I didn’t prepare for the Q&A.

The night of pageant came and I could’ve died of nervousness. I actually cried like for two seconds when I was waiting and hoping for my friend to come and watch me. She almost didn’t make it but the moment I saw her I actually cried out of nervousness.

The contest went on smoothly and I was no longer nervous because the ambience of the whole competition was too friendly. Even in the Q&A, I didn’t feel too much pressure because the questions were too easy. But, funny as it seems, when it was my turn for the Q&A, I became really nervous and didn’t quite hear the question properly. I was shy to ask again so I tried to remember the question as best as I could. It was about demigods. Something like ‘what is your favorite demigod and why?’

I ended up answering centaurs because of their wisdom. During the competition I had no idea how stupid and funny my answer was. Centaurs aren’t demigods. It didn’t matter though, because I still won the crown with two special awards. But if there’d be a next time, I’ll swallow up my pride and shame and asked for a repetition if necessary than give a stupid answer and laugh at it for the rest of my life.

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Posted on January 28th, 2014 by bluelotus


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